About Your Instructor, Karen Echternacht


Karen started casually training her dogs in 1995 and has been hosting a variety of Dog Sport competitions on a monthly basis for the past 9 years, including major clusters every year.
Karen’s training is relationship based using positive reinforcement for the most efficient and effective results.
It’s an understatement to say that Karen and her dogs love doing the things and playing these silly games together.  Over the years they have gotten really proficient at what they do.
Karen’s dogs have earned
  • 26 CWAGs Scentwork Championships
  • 14 NADAC Agility Championships
  • 13 Barn Hunt Association Championships
  • 15 NASDA Championships

In addition, Karen and her dogs have earned a “trip to the podium” twice at the NADAC International Championships and once at the UpDog International Finals.

When helping others to get involved in dog sports, it’s important to know the rules of the game.  Karen is a CWAGs judge, NASDA judge, UpDog judge, and an FDC judge and she has attended a multitude of judges seminars.

Class Logistics:

Here’s some helpful information for anyone wanting to train at Finny Farm:

  • When you arrive, park in the center island (it’s a circle drive) taking care not to drive over the ditch on your left.  Potty your dog in the center island, and let them rest in your car while we chat.  Bring high value rewards (food or toy), water, poo bags, and have your dog on a 4-10 foot leash.  Please no flexi leashes or e-collars.  Be sure to wear appropriate shoes, and dress for the weather conditions.
  • Bathrooms are located in our retail shop which is the two-story, detached white garage.  No dogs are allowed in the shop please.
  • After you register, Agility students need to join Agility Peeps, and Scent students need to join Scent Peeps, on Facebook.  Those pages are where we communicate class cancellations, post videos of homework, have discussions about sport specific topics, and are a wealth of information.  Access to these pages is included in your class registration but you must request to join.
  • Classes are $100 for the 4 week class.  This also includes unlimited video submission with feedback/support as you practice the homework at home.

Agility Classes:

Please click on any class name to read the description.

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Beginner Agility

This class is designed for the teams interested in getting started in the sport of agility. We will work on appropriate handler body language, timing, reward, and introduce your dog to most of the agility equipment.

Beyond Beginner Agility

This class is geared towards teams that have had an equipment introduction and are ready to start putting the pieces together in small easy sequences

Agility Competition Skills

This class is for teams that are already competing, or near ready to compete.  The focus is on various skills needed to be successful in the ring.

Agility Special Skills

This class takes a deep dive into a specific skill or set of skills such as  contacts or weaves or solidifying start lines or distance work.

These are all skills that we work on in the competition class, but the specific skills class will focus on that particular area. Reach out if you are interested.

VT Runs & Open Field Practice Time

We typically set a minimum of 2 courses (all levels) which means that you will have at least 4 runs.  Following the video runs you will have the option to go out and practice the course or portions of the courses as you may need.

Scent Work Classes:

Please click on any class name to read the description.

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Beginning Scent Work Class

This 4 week class is designed for those interested in getting started in nosework. It’s ideal for dogs that like to use their nose, like treats, and need a job. Dogs really enjoy the scent games and handlers really enjoy the ease of training.

Trial Practice Scent Work Class

This 4 week class is best suited for dogs that are already searching for odor that need some regulation practice searches to help prepare for trials. We will challenge each team with elevated hides, residual odor, multi scents, distractions, and a variety of hides.

NASDA Level 1

If your dog likes to sniff, this is for you. If your dog needs a job, this is for you. If you would like to join a group of dog folks that like to see each other succeed, this is for you. NASDA offers competitions that involve finding rats, or deer antlers, or lost personal items…. And we offer these competitions monthly!!