Obedience and Agility Training

New Classes for September!

Training methods and behavior modification based upon relationship and communication. Tailored specifically to your situation and your dog.

  • Private Training
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Agility Training
  • Group Lessons

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Quality Dog Treats

Our treats and chews are made of the highest quality products. Great for use in training, or just to tell your four-legged friend how much you care. All our dog treats and chews are sourced and manufactured in the USA.

Our products include:

  • Momentum Carnivore Nutrition
  • Elk Antlers
  • Polka Dog Bakery
  • Canine Caviar
  • Sammy Snacks

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Harnesses and Leashes

Brilliant K9 Harnesses are top quality harnesses - suitable for performance events and every day use. They are manufactured in America and come in over 20 colors and patterns. Free shipping on all Harnesses ordered through our site!

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Canine Corner

Why Is Tripe My Favorite?
Nov 11 2013 - Karen Echternacht Momentum Carnivore Nutrition Treats - Buffalo Tripe

My uneducated, illiterate response is this... My dogs love it. It is very very good for them. It is loaded with natural "good stuff" and free from chemicals and processing and additives.

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Toxic Foods
May 30 2013 - Karen Echternacht Toxic Foods for Dogs

I have gathered a list of foods that are either toxic to dogs, foods that dogs are intolerant of, and foods that should simply be avoided, in order to help you keep them safe and feed only the best and most nutritional products to your canine companions.

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